Who is the Yarnspinner?


First ones to get to know Yarnspinner were Terje, Martin and Maris.

Terje: The Yarnspinner is not a blabber. Empty talk and chit-chat don’t appeal to her. She chooses the best threads very carefully. The Yarnspinner weaves stories with interesting texture and appealing visuals. She keenly spins a ball of yarn full of multilingual stories.

Maris: The Yarnspinner is a language teacher who teaches foreign languages ​​through fantasy. She translates figurative animations into several languages ​​to link words and phrases to thought-provoking video, making them easier to remember.

Martin: The Yarnspinner is an alchemist who mixes up story, sound, image and text. The result obtained is greater than the sum of the parts used. Learning in the company of the Storyteller is more fun and at the same time more effective.


What does the Yarnspinner offer?

Videos in several languages. The sound of the video depends on the language selection of the whole page, which can be changed in the upper right corner.

Ability to select subtitles for the video in different languages ​​from the Language Selection button under the video.

The texts of videos can be downloaded in different languages ​​from the Texts section under the video.


Who contributes to the Yarnspinner?

The Spanish translators are Helen Barndõk and Luis Cortijo.

The Portuguese translator is Ana Sofia Henriques.

The French translator is Mari Vallik.

The English translator is Ekke M. Henk.

The Russian translator is Ekaterina Batrakova.

Gifartist is Triin Paumer.